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Cítricos Casablanca markets its fruits through 3 brands, 07-J, Turista and Nenico, we adapt to your needs by offering you a product tailored to your needs.

All our production is subject to the strictest sanitary and quality controls, we put all our experience and dedication at your service to offer you a superior quality product.

Cítricos 07-J

A Murcian product of the maximum quality.

The 07-J brand is our flagship, all citrus fruits distributed with this label comply with the strictest quality controls, present a perfect appearance and a homogeneous size.

We sell fruits with skin free of imperfections and roughness, with a homogeneous color and size, high juice content and excellent organoleptic properties.

Our 07-J brand is the perfect choice for consumers; a quality Murcian product that meets the demands of the international market. 


For consumers looking for a superior quality product.

Under the Turista brand, we distribute first-class citrus fruits nationally and internationally, intended for both table consumption and the food industry.

These are fruits carefully selected to satisfy a demanding public, we market the Primofiori and Verna varieties under this label to guarantee a first-rate product at any time of the year.


The perfect balance between quality and price.

Under the name of Nenico we commercialize selected fruits within the most demanding quality criteria and that comply with all regulations, but due to minor alterations in their appearance or shape, they cannot be classified within the superior categories.

It is the ideal option for those looking for the perfect balance between quality and price. We distribute this brand for table consumption and the food industry.

Cultivating since 1971

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